Advice On Energy Performance Certificate Surveys

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Energy Performance Certificate Surveys may only be conducted by accredited Domestic or Non-Domestic Energy Performance assessors and only concerns aspects of the property that influence energy efficiency. In order for an Energy Performance Certificate Survey to be conducted, the assessor will need to have access to all rooms and spaces in the property. This is so they can fully assess the electrical equipment and insulation that will affect the energy efficiency of the building. Click epc survey for all your Energy Performance Certificate Survey needs.

Aspects that will be inspected as part of the Energy Performance Certificate Survey include fixed light fittings, windows and insulation. Fixed light fittings will be inspected for the number of fittings as well as the type of bulbs used as some bulbs are more energy efficient than others (e.g. LED or CFT). The loft is inspected for the amount of insulation laid out among the rafters. Currently it is recommended that a minimum of 270mm of loft insulation is laid out. The windows are assessed for single, double or triple glazing which can affect the amount of heat that is lost through windows. Lastly, the Energy Performance Certificate Survey assessor will inspect the property’s boiler or other forms of heating such as log or gas fires. Throughout the Energy Performance Survey the assessor is likely to take photographs and measurements of the property to include in the analysis. They are also likely to ask questions about work that has been completed on the property since it was built.

Using this information, the Energy Performance Certificate Survey assessor will produce a report that gives the property owner an idea of how good or bad the energy efficiency of their property is. The Energy Performance Certificate Survey could, for example, give a property an A grade, meaning that the property is very energy efficient or a G grade, meaning that the property is not very energy efficient.