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How to Achieve an ‘A’ on an EPC Survey

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Survey is carried out on properties to measure energy saving (or areas where energy is not being saved effectively.) This is of high importance to landlords in particular, as it is no longer lawful to rent out a property that doesn’t meet the minimum performance rating, with the minimum being Read more about How to Achieve an ‘A’ on an EPC Survey[…]

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Do Renewable Technologies Affect an EPC Rating?

When it comes to achieving the highest rating on an EPC Survey, renewable technologies are crucial: some forms can radically increase a rating. Renewable technologies include solar PV, solar thermal, wind, biomass and heat pumps. It’s good to consider which ones will most help your ratings- and to what degree. Solar PV (photovoltaic) is one Read more about Do Renewable Technologies Affect an EPC Rating?[…]

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Clean Green Growth Strategy

It’s impossible to ignore the effects increasing carbon-emissions are having on the global climate; be it the consistently extreme weather around the globe, or the attribution of air pollution levels on human health. So, when the government released a 164-page document last month detailing huge investment in green economic growth, it was welcomed with open Read more about Clean Green Growth Strategy[…]

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Why You Should Aim For A Great EPC Survey Grade

All domestic properties, rented or owned, and certain commercial properties require an energy performance certificate (EPC). Brought in in August 2007, the EPC was initially part of the home information pack (HIP), but when that was made obsolete several years later, an EPC survey became mandatory on its own. An EPC is basically a report of a Read more about Why You Should Aim For A Great EPC Survey Grade[…]

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Advice On Energy Performance Certificate Surveys

Energy Performance Certificate Surveys may only be conducted by accredited Domestic or Non-Domestic Energy Performance assessors and only concerns aspects of the property that influence energy efficiency. In order for an Energy Performance Certificate Survey to be conducted, the assessor will need to have access to all rooms and spaces in the property. This is Read more about Advice On Energy Performance Certificate Surveys[…]

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Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

When selling or letting a non-dwelling property you may be legally required to make a commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) available to potential buyers or tenants. This information must be provided prior to the completion of a contract, typically during a viewing of the property or when providing written information to a prospective buyer or Read more about Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)[…]


Energy Performance Certificate Survey

An Energy Performance Certificate Survey (or EPC Survey), completed by an accredited Energy Performance assessor, gives you a graded score for the energy efficiency of your building and gives you details on how to improve it. In order to perform an EPC Survey, the DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor) will need to inspect the property for Read more about Energy Performance Certificate Survey[…]