Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

When selling or letting a non-dwelling property you may be legally required to make a commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) available to potential buyers or tenants. This information must be provided prior to the completion of a contract, typically during a viewing of the property or when providing written information to a prospective buyer or tenant. A commercial EPC provides a graded rating for the buildings energy efficiency with G being the least efficient and A being the most efficient.

If your property fulfils the requirements for a commercial EPC, you must have a certificate commissioned within 7 days of the property being on the market. This may be organised by contacting a local accredited non-domestic energy assessor (NDEA) to arrange an assessment that can take up to 10 days. Following an assessment you will be provided with a full recommendation report and the commercial EPC document which is valid for 10 years. Failure to commission a report within 28 days will result in a Trading Standards fine of between £500 and £5000 depending on the size of the property.  Penalty notices may be reviewed and appealed via your local county court if necessary, providing it is is appealed within 28 days of receiving the penalty.

epc ratings

You are required to provide a commercial EPC if you are constructing, selling or letting a commercial building unless the building is:

–    A place of worship.

–    A temporary building intended to be used for less than 2 years.

–    A detached building with floor space of less than 50 meters squared.

–    Agricultural or industrial buildings with low energy demands.

–    Due to be demolished.

In addition, your commercial EPC grade must be permanently on display if your commercial property is accessible to the public and is over 500 square meters.

In cases where a commercial building consists of multiple independently let or sold units, separate commercial EPCs must be provided to prospective tenants or buyers.

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