Why You Should Aim For A Great EPC Survey Grade

energy performance ratings chart

All domestic properties, rented or owned, and certain commercial properties require an energy performance certificate (EPC). Brought in in August 2007, the EPC was initially part of the home information pack (HIP), but when that was made obsolete several years later, an EPC survey became mandatory on its own. An EPC is basically a report of a buildings energy efficiency and CO2 emissions. It gives a building a grade ranging from the best (‘A’), to the worst, or least efficient, (‘G’). Having a better grade can have a myriad of benefits for a property.

When it comes to getting the best grading possible, it’s all about energy efficiency. One of the cheapest and easiest fixes is changing all the light bulbs in the property to energy efficient ones. This can have a significant impact on overall energy efficiency.

Other pointers include wall cavity insulation, and loft insulation, as conserving warmth can make a property much easier and cheaper to heat. These will both improve your EPC, and your heating and energy bills! So why should you bother to aim for a higher grade? Here’s a couple reasons.

Your Property is Now Cheaper to Run

Buildings that make use of energy efficient lighting, insulation, both loft and cavity, and modern heating systems, as well as solar power are much cheaper to run. If you prime your home or property to be the most efficient building it can possibly be you can expect to see your heating and energy bills drop right off.

Obviously it’s harder to get an older building to the same level of efficiency as a newer, more modern building, but you can still make a sizeable dent in your bills, and your EPC grade will attest to that.

Easier to Sell or Let

A lot of people, while looking for their property or home to rent or buy will incorporate the future heating and energy costs and bills into their decision. They’ll stretch their budget to more expensive properties if they know they’re going to be making a saving on the energy prices and costs.

This can make selling a property that’s been optimised for maximum energy efficiency and minimum CO2 emissions much easier, and with a perpetually fluctuating housing market, having an edge on the competition can make your life much easier. Having a high grading to state in your sales or letting ad will be a real plus when it comes to selling or letting.

Greener and Better for the Environment

Obviously, we all care about the environment. We all like the countryside, and cute fluffy animals, and clean non-polluted air. That’s why we’re all sorting rubbish into separate bins nowadays, and why a trip to the local dump is much more time-consuming affair than it used to be. It’s the reason slick Tesla cars are the cars to have nowadays. Extend that concern to your energy bills and home efficiency. Having a high EPC grading is you doing your bit for the environment.

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